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The reason for my candidacy can be summed up in two words...I care

I care…about our families...

     As a husband of 19 years (and counting) and a father of 3 amazing children, I personally know how important it is for each of us to keep our families safe. 

I care…about our children...

     After working for Memphis City Schools for many years, I saw firsthand how many children need positive role models, especially male role models. Our children are literally our future. We need to take more time working with the youth to ensure they can grow and learn in safe homes and communities and help reduce the chances of them finding themselves in the court system.

I care…about our community...

     I have served our community in various roles and within various organizations, including but not limited to, Boy Scouts of America, P.H.A., A.E.O.N.M.S. We need to work together to ensure our community is a safe place for each of us to live. 


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